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Do you want to gain a better understanding of your Sitelink reports?  Don't get confused by all the options and different reports.  

This course walks you through the Top 21 Sitelink reports and shows you exactly how to UNDERSTAND and USE the information in your business.  I even show you the settings that drives the numbers! 

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  • Section 1: Tenant Reports

    Report 1: Rent Roll

    Report 2: Past Due Balances

    Report 3: Unpaid Charges

    Report 4: Walkthrough Report

    Report 5: Calls & Notes

  • Section 2: Unit Reports

    Report 6: Rental Activity

    Report 7: Move In & Out, Transfer, Schedule Move Out

    Report 8: Vacant Unit, Occupied & Complimentary

    Report 9: Unit History, Status & Notes

  • Section 3: Financial Reports

    Report 10: Financial Summary

    Report 11: Daily Payments vs Deposits vs Receipts

    Report 12: Credits Issued

    Report 13: Prepaid Rent & Liabilities

  • Section 4: Management Reports

    Report 14: Management Summary

    Report 15: Management History

    Report 16: Site Inspection

    Report 17: Occupied Statistics

    Report 18: Occupied History

    Report 19: Discounts & Discounts Summary

    Report 20: Exceptions

    Report 21: Log On History

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Manage what you measure!  Gain immediate access to all 21 report walkthrough videos. 

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In This Sitelink Reports Course, I’ll Show You…

  • How to read the top 21 Sitelink Reports needed to run your business.

  • Understand where your numbers come from and how to control them.

  • Walkthrough of the Sitelink settings that drives each report.

Hi. I'm Magen Smith, CPA

I started my career as a self storage manager, then became a CPA.  I help owners run their business from the inside out. I consult with owners who want a "Perfect 10" facility and are not sure how to get there.

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  • "Magen has been consulting with me for over a year. During that time, she walked me through the important Sitelink reports and helped me get control over my business."
  • "Magen helped me learn how to better use Sitelink reports in conjunction with accurate accounting and tighter staff policies and systems."
  • " I have to say Magen - you were great and I can’t thank you enough! You were more than advertised!"